We want you to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible. Please use our guidelines to ensure the best care for your favorite pieces.



Put jewelry on only after applying make-up, perfume and hairspray. Avoid touching jewels or pearls, as skin oils can build up over time and reduce their glamour. Avoid contact with water or chemicals (e.g. alcohol, vinegar or haircolor) while wearing your jewelry and remove them before you start any hard work, housework or sport activities, even swimming - your pieces could get damaged from acids, solvents or experience physical damage.


Store your jewelry fixed in a closed box with a smooth surface (e.g. fabric-lined inlay). Do not store in leather or metal boxes, as these materials can react with your jewelry. Minimize contact with water or air when not worn.



Please use only manual cleaning and polishing cloths qualified for high quality jewelry and do not use ultrasonic cleaning systems, as our jewelry is very delicate and could be damaged beyond repair.



In case one of your pieces is damaged and needs to be repaired, please ask your local jewelry dealer or contact us.